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Unit 3

      26.  By blending d and t into one long stroke the syllables ted, ded, and det are expressed:

Det and ted stroke

     Note: The combination det usually occurs at the beginning of words, as in detect, detach, while ted or ded usually occurs at the end of a word.

     27.  By blending m and n into one long stroke the syllables men, mem are expressed.  In addition to men, mem this blend represents similar sounds, such as min in minute, mun in money:

Men stroke

28.  Frequent-Word Drill

Frequent Word Drill

29.  Brief Forms for Common Words

Brief forms

     Note: W is omitted in the word were, and wh in where, when, what; other is expressed by uth; all, by aw placed on its side; time, by the tem blend; into, by blending in and to.  For convenience, the long i in my is expressed by a large circle.

General Phrasing Principles

     30.  The following suggestions will be helpful to an understanding of the general principles of phrasing:

  1. Short and common words only should be joined, as of the, in the, etc.
  2. The words should make good sense if standing alone, as it will be.
  3. Pronouns generally are joined to the words they precede, as I can, you are, you can, I would.
  4. A qualifying word is usually joined to the word it qualifies, as good man.
  5. The words to, of, in, with, and generally are joined to the word following, as to the, of which, in that, with that, and will.
  6. Words that do not make an easily written, distinctive joining should not be phrased.

     31.  Phrase Drill.  The simple phrases given in the drill below are of very high frequency and will serve as models for other phrases:


32.  Reading and Dictation Practice

Reading and Dictation Practice

*Before a downstroke, to is expressed by t.

33.  Writing Practice

  1. You will need a keen memory when you go to the market today.
  2. When you take the grain to the mill you can get your money.
  3. Many of our men will go to the train in the rain to greet the team.
  4. I am not any more eager to be in debt to you than you are.
  5. I am ready to go the limit in getting you the money you need.
  6. He had a great desire to read, but he had little time and his reading was limited.
  7. I am not willing to go by train, but you can make me a minimum rate by air and rail.
  8. The data you need will be ready by the middle of the month.
  9. The mill was then making a good metal tag at the rate of eighty a minute.
  10. In his dream he was being attacked in the dark by an enemy.

     Dear Sir:  I am eager to eliminate without any more delay the error made in the minimum drain rate to Erie.  I can meet you at Erie any day you desire.  My time is limited and I cannot be there more than a day.  It would be well to get all the data in hand by the time you are ready to do.  I will meet you any day you can be there. Yours truly,

Brief Form Drill for this Unit

Transcription Key to this Unit
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