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Andrew Owen
Martin J. Dupraw     When Martin J. Dupraw won the world's shorthand championship, he established some remarkable records for accuracy.  On a speech dictated at 200 words a minute for five minutes, he made only one error.  On court testimony dictated at 280 words a minute for five minutes, he made only two errors.  These and many other records that he has established are due, in large measure, to the amazing legibility of his shorthand notes.
     When you examine Mr. Dupraw's shorthand notes on the below image, which he wrote from dictation especially for a textbook using Simplified shorthand, one thing will immediately impress you—the careful attention to proportion.
     Notice for example how large he makes his a circles and how small he makes his e circles.  There is never any question whether a circle represents a or e.  Notice, too, how much larger his l's are to his r's.  As you read Mr. Dupraw's notes, you will observe many other examples of good proportion.
     Another thing that will strike you as you examine Mr. Dupraw's notes is the way he rounds off angles.  He does not consciously do this; rounding angles comes naturally to him as a result of his high speed.  As your speed increases, you, too, will find that you will naturally round off angles.
     In the piece that Mr. Dupraw has written in his beautiful shorthand, he discusses the size of notes.  You will notice that he has a fairly large shorthand style, just as he has a large longhand style.
     Don't try to imitate his style of writing; take the advice he gives in his article "How Big Should My Shorthand Be?"
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