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Unit 14

Other Vowel Combinations

   118. In a few words, vowels follow one another consecutively without forming diphthongs, as in poem, radio, and showy. In such words the signs for the sounds are written in the order in which the sounds occur:

     *When necessary, the long sound of o in oe is marked to distinguish it from the diphthong oi.

     119.  Any vowel following the diphthong i is expressed by a small circle within the large circle:

via, science, riot, etc.

     120.  Short i followed by a, as in mania, is expressed by a large circle with a dot placed within it; e followed by the large circle vowel, as in create, is expressed by a large circle with a dash in it.  These distinctions are seldom necessary, however:

aria, cereal, piano, etc.

Omission of Minor Vowels

     121.  When two vowels not forming a pure diphthong come together, the minor vowel may be omitted.  For convenience in writing many common words, the circle may be omitted in the diphthong u, as in new, due, and music:

Theory, due, idea, etc.

     *The long i in idea and ideal is expressed by the large circle.

122.  Brief Forms for Common Words

Brief forms

     *After numerals, dollars is expressed by d.

123.  Reading and Dictation Practice

Reading and Dictation Practice

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