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Chart of Gregg Shorthand Diamond Jubilee Expert Brief Forms

Brief Form (text)
19xx small n stroke under the two last digits of year
absolute a b s o
accident a k s
accident s dn
accommodate a k dt
accumulate ak / u (disjoined)
adequate a d e k
administer a m e s
advance v a n [left s]
afternoon a f n u n
again a g
agent a j
agree a loop (over line)
amount a m t
announce a n s
application a p l sh
appreciate a p r e sh
appropriate a p r a
approximate a p r x
arrange a r a
association a s o sh
attention tn sh
attorney a tn e
aware a r
background b a k g
bankrupt b p
bankruptcy b p e
bargain b g n
bargained b g nd
beneficiary b f e sh
bulletin b l e tn
bureau b u
candidate k dt
certain [right s] e tn
certificate s e t f
chairman ch m a n
charge ch j
circumstances ss under previous stroke
client k l i
volume v o l
committee k e
communicate k k a t
communication k k a sh
community k t e
compensate k s a t
compensation k s a sh
conclude k k
conference k f e r [left s]
congratulate k / u (disjoined)
connect k e k
construct k [right] s t r k
conversation k v a sh
coöperate c o p
corporate k r p r a t
corporation k r p r a sh
correct k r e k t
course k r [left s]
cover k v
credit card k r e dt / k (disjoined, where ing dot would be)
custom k u s
develop df l
director d r
dividend df dn
document d o k m
economy e k e
emergency e m e j
employ m p
enthusiasm n th u s
enthusiastic n th u s k
establish e s t b
even though e v n o
executive e s e k v
fact f (when followed by an adjective)
first f e s
five or six (numeral 5 with overlengthened upper line)
for example f e s a m
for the purpose f th p
from time to time tm tm (one outline)
great deal g r l
ground g r nd
guarantee g t e
had a d
has a s
he h e
headquarters h e d / k (disjoined)
her e r
him e m
himself e m [left s]
in my opinion mn i p n
in other words n e rd [left s]
in the first place n f e s / p (disjoined)
in the meantime n mn tm (jog between the n and mn)
in the second place n [right s] e k / p (disjoined)
in touch t ch (in a phrase)
inaugurate e n o g
income tax n k t a x
indispensable nd s p
industrial nd [left s] l
industry nd [left s]
inform n f
insurance n sh
interested in n / n (disjoined)
interested to have n / t v (disjoined)
interested to know n / tn o (disjoined)
interested to see n / t [left s] e (disjoined)
invest n v e s
investigate n v e s g
investment n v e s m
item a tm
keep in touch k p t ch
magazine m a g
-mental m (disjoined)
mortgage m r j
necessary n e ss
negotiate n o sh ia t
negotiation n o sh
normal n o m
north n o th
notice n e s
obligation o b l sh
original o r e j (o is not on its side)
otherwise u th i
passenger p a j
passengers p a j s
people p e p
permanent p r mn
picture p t r
popular p o p
position p o sh
practical p r k / k (disjoined)
practice p r k t e s
preferred stock p r e f [right s] t o k
premium p r e mn
prepare p r e p
principal p r e n
problem p r b l
proceed p r s e d
produce p r o [right s]
product p r o
property p r p t
prospect p r p k
prove p r v
provide p v i
provision p v
purchase p r ch
qualification k o / f (disjoined)
qualify k o f i
quarter k t r
recent r [right s]
recommend r e k mn
record r k d
reduce r u [right s]
regard r e g
register r j t r
regulate r / u (disjoined)
regulation r / u sh (disjoined)
remark r m
reservation r s a sh
return r e t
school s k l
science s a n s
secretary [right s] e k r e
service [left s] (above the line)
seven or eight (numeral 7 with long line from its bottom)
signature s e g
six or seven (numeral 6 with long line from the end of the stroke)
specific s p e s
standard s tn a d
statistics s t a t e s
strong s t r
system ss
take advantage t a v
telephone t e l f
territory t e r e
travel t r a v
treatment t r e m
tremendous t r e mn s
under certain circumstances u / [right s] e tn / ss
under the circumstances u / [over th] / ss
up p (when following another word)
usual u sh
vice president v / p (disjoined)
whether u e th
while i l
years ago e r g

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