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Unit 33


     233.  Since there is no context to initials, writing them accurately is very important.


     234.  Many writers prefer to write initials in longhand, and if this is done, a great saving in time may be effected by writing them in small letters and joining the letters, thus:

Use of longhand letters for initials


     235.  The expedient known as intersection, or the writing of one character through another, is sometimes useful for special phrases.  In applying this expedient the writer must rely very heavily upon his own judgment.  In his daily work as a stenographer or reporter, he may find some terms peculiar to the business in which he works occurring so frequently that special forms may be adopted for them that will be brief and yet absolutely distinctive.  Very often the writing of one character through another will meet the exigency.  The following are useful examples:

Use of intersection

236.  Reading and Dictation Practice.

Reading and Dictation Practice

237.  Writing Practice

     1. It transpired that he did not aspire to the office himself but was conspiring to overthrow the incumbent.
     2. Intensive study of the actual conditions of the conflict ought to make it possible to prevent the recurrence of this emergency.
     3. Without a considerable body of experimental data it is impossible to formulate physiological rules with reliability.
     4 In the extremity, the sublimity and nobility of his character were revealed with inspiring clarity.
     5. The floods were a national calamity in which thousands were injured, to say nothing of the financial losses inflicted on all the people in that territory.
     6. It will probably require the services of many stenographers to answer all the inquiries about the branches of this extensive business, and I myself shall take care of those of great urgency.
     7. One of the finest things a teacher can do is to inspire the student to make proper use of his leisure time, to give some time to reflection and thought
     8. Nobility of thought, adaptability of ideas, and generosity of nature—these are the fundamental requisites for those who would have the real rewards of life.
     9. His phraseology seems to call for an apology on his part; the other members of the partnership were not backward in sending him a notification to that effect
     10. He employed all his great ability in writing an interesting article on the politics of this locality. As he wrote with authority, and had every justification for what he said, his article had a certain degree of popularity with the majority.

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