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Unit 15

Omission of Short U and Ow

     124.  In the body of a word short u and ow are omitted before n and m, and short u before straight downstrokes.

sun, column, announce, etc.

     125.  Between n-n, ow is indicated by a jog, as in announce; short u is inserted between n-n, n-m, as in nun and numb; moun is expressed by the men blend, as in mountain.

     126.  The u is omitted in the termination sume:

Assume, resume, consume, presume

Joined Prefixes and Suffixes

     127.  The syllables per, pro, pur, are expressed by pr; the syllable ble, by b; ple, by p (in the words given below only); ment, by m:

Joined prefixes and suffixes

     128.  When pro occurs before an upward character or k, it is more convenient to insert the vowel, as in:

protection, produce, produced

     129.  Two or more simple prefixes may be joined:

inform, unexpected, conform, etc.

     *The initial vowel is not required in compound prefixes.

130.  Brief Forms for Common Words

Brief forms

131.  Reading and Dictation Practice

Reading and Dictation Practice

132.  Writing Practice

     1. You are quite right in saying that the price was too high and that the whole order of cereals should be returned. I should think that they could quote lower prices, owing to their greater purchasing power.
     2. An ounce or so of light motor oil spread on the leaves of the springs of your car will banish all squeaks.
     3. The boy’s singing was enjoyed by his many friends who came to hear him in the huge hall of the Armory.
     4. His office was equipped with several filing cases and a new type of filing desk.
     5. The news of his appointment was announced over the radio at a special coast-to-coast hook-up.
     6. He reduced the output of his mill to a million feet of~ lumber per day during the dull season.
     7. His profits in oil were higher this month than they were in the month before.

     Dear Sir: I should like to enlist your aid in preparing an evening of music to be given early in January on behalf of our Home Welfare Organization.
     I think we should have a generous number of arias from the leading operas and a few piano and violin solos. Perhaps we could also get Mr. Hoyle to give his talk on the poetry of music. We must not forget also to present some numbers for the enjoyment of the children who will be present.
     Will you not join with us in helping to arrange something of an unusually high character this year? Yours truly,

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