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Unit 23

Omission of D

     178. When slightly enunciated, d is often omitted:

Omission of D examples

     179.  The d is written in the following words:

commend, contend, attend

     180.  D is omitted when it immediately precedes m or v:

admit, admirable, adverb, etc.

     181.  In the words admire, advice, advise, and advance, coming under this rule, the initial vowel also is omitted to facilitate phrasing, as illustrated in the following useful phrases:

we admire, in advance, we advise

     182.  Where the last letter of a primitive form is omitted, the past tense is indicated by a disjoined t, thus:

contested, insisted, extended

Prefixes and Suffixes

     183.  The syllable ul is expressed by the oo-hook; al (pronounced aw-l), by the o hook.  The sign al has already been given in the words also, almost.  Sub is expressed by a joined s; less, by l:

ulter, alternative, etc.

     *For convenience, the root form of the word alter is retained in derivative forms, although the pronunciation changes.

     184.  Before r, l, ch, j, or a hook, s is written contrary to rule to express sub, as in suburb, sublime, subchief, and subjoin.

     185.  When sub is followed by a circle vowel, s is disjoined and placed on the line close to the following character, thus:

sub- prefix

186.  Brief-Form Derivative Drill

Brief form derivatives

187.  Key To Brief-Form Drill

   1. acceptable, acknowledgement, addressed, addressee, advantageous, advisable, agreeable; 2. agreement, agreed, answers, appearance, appointment, asked; 3. beautiful, booklet, bookkeeping, careful, causes, charged, clearly; 4. collectible, considerably, correspondent, credits, desirous, educational; 5. effective, enclosure, explanation, favorable, favorite, favors, forced; 6. formerly, fully, greater, greatly, goodness, houses; 7. kindness, kindest, kindly, letters, likely, longer; 8. longest, mostly, myself, namely, names, obligations; 9. occasionally, preparation, publisher, purchaser, qualities, recovered, regardless, regards; 10. representative, satisfactorily, necessarily, necessity, successfully, surely, usually, unusual, wished.

188.  Reading and Dictation Practice

Reading and Dictation Practice

Transcription Key to this Unit
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