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Unit 12

Method of Expressing Y

     104. Y has the sound of the long e, as in yacht, yoke, and when followed by a hook vowel is expressed by the small circle.  Ye, as in year, yet, is expressed by a small loop; ya, by a large loop.

Expressing Y

The Signs for Ng and Nk

     105.  The sound ng, as in ring, rang, is expressed by n written at a slightly downward slant; nk (sounded ngk), as in bank, rank, is expressed by a longer stroke on the same slant:

Ring, drink, bank, etc.

Prefixes and Suffixes

     106.  The vowel is omitted in the prefixes en, in, un, em, im when the prefix is followed by a consonant; when a written vowel follows the prefix, the initial vowel is retained.  Ex is expressed by es.
     The suffix ings is expressed by a left s and ingly by a small circle substituted for the ing-dot:

infer, unseen, expense

     107.  Negative words beginning with in, un, im in which the n or m is doubled are distinguished from the positive forms by omitting one of the doubled consonants and inserting the initial vowel:

known, unknown, noticed, etc.

108.  Frequent Phrases

of them, to ask, if you are, etc.

109.  Brief Forms for Common Words

Brief Forms

110.  Reading and Dictation Practice

Reading and Dictation Practice

111.  Writing Practice

     1. The couple were waiting at the club to meet the other members of the party.
     2. For years we have been following this particular method of making reports at our bank.
     3. His answer to the unusual communication was, in effect, that his income was too small for him to think of such a purchase.
     4. The girl was wearing a new pale yellow sweater of soft angora wool and a dashing green scarf at the skating rink.
     5. The men were weary from the long swim in the rough water of the bay.
     6. After the wedding reception her uncle gave the couple and their friends a banquet at the Hotel Tours.

     My dear Sir: The orders that we gave you in our letter of May 1 about all purchases were clearly stated and very important, and we are glad that you have so regarded them. In the future we hope that we shall not have to question any of the purchases that you may make for our company.
     You must remember that your position with us is based mainly on your skill in choosing clothing that is up to the minute in fashion and still cheap. We feel that we should caution you to study every day the changing fashions and at the same time keep your eye on the economic situation in the textile world.
     We hope you can teach here soon enough Saturday so that we may have a long chat. We want you to tell us all about your recent trip and to help you plan your next trip to Paris. Yours truly,

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