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Unit 16 Transcription Key

     139.  Reading and Dictation Practice
            Dear sir: I am sorry that I am unable to send you with this
            letter a remittance in full on my recent purchases.
            You will recall that there was an error in your invoice which
            I brought to your attention upon receipt of your first follow-up. You
                immediately acknowledged
            the error but you did not mail me a corrected copy
            of the invoice until yesterday.

            I shall make a remittance for the entire
            sum by draft within a few days.  Yours truly,

            [81 words]

            Dear sir: Let me call your attention again to the suggestion
            I made a year ago with reference to the employing of
            individuals under 18 years of age in our industry.

            I have not changed the
            stand I took when I made my first suggestion and
            you will greatly oblige me if you will appoint a committee
            to get this problem seriously considered from every angle.
            Tell them to draft a report that will enable
            us to better the present unsatisfactory arrangement.  Yours truly,

            [84 words]

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