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Unit 30 Transcription Key

     225.  Reading and Dictation Practice
            Gentlemen: We have just received a letter from the Central
            Electric Company, asking us to submit bids on the 100,000
            indirect lighting lamps to be constructed according to the
            design and the detailed statement attached to the drawings that
            will form a part of the contract.

            Owing to the extraordinary
            conditions in our plant at present and the absence of our principal
            construction engineer we cannot submit an estimate, and are therefore
            calling on your for help.  If you would prefer to submit an
            estimate direct we have no objection.  Our relations with the
            Central Electric Company have been extremely pleasant, and as we do not
            to interrupt these relations we would just as soon handle everything except
            construction work.

            By the way, I suppose you will be interested in hearing that the
            New York Central is electrifying its lines through
            Albany, the construction work to begin soon.  The company is now
            ready to entertain bids, I understand.  We shall keep you informed.  Very
                truly yours,

            [171 words]

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